Class Descriptions

Image by Jordan Wozniak

Wake & Shine Vinyasa

60 min. Open Level

Nothing starts your day off right like an invigorating vinyasa flow.

This class is meant to bring you to a place of feeling good before your day truly begins.

Image by NOAA

Lightning express

45 min. Open Level

Don’t have a lot of time but need a quick fix? This open level class will offer you just the right amount of movement to get you through the rest of your day.  

Image by Casey Horner

Root Down & Flow

60 min. Open Level

Sequencing set a more grounding pace & longer held poses. Perfect class to empower you body, mind and soul.

Image by Jordan Wozniak

Yang & Yin

60 min. Open Level

It's all about the balance! Perfect combination of power movements for cardio and long held yin poses for flexibility.

Image by Fabio Rose

Just Yin

60 min. Open Level

Bring your body into long held shapes and your fascia, ligaments and tendons will thank you for it.

Be sure to grab your straps and blocks if you have them.

Image by Aditya Chinchure

Moonlight Nirvana

60 min. Open Level

This evening offering brings a variety of different restorative postures and meditation tools to prepare for a restful sleep.

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