With a heavy heart, as of July 31st I will be putting Free Yoga Project on hold. I am so grateful for all the teachers that donated their time and energy to help those who needed a place to keep their asana practice going through this pandemic. To those of you who have dedicated selfless service and time, I am so honored to know you. You have all shown me how love and compassion can be so strong even through times of such uncertainty. All those who became part of this project did so with zero attachments to financial rewards and I am humbled to have been a part of that journey with all of you. Thank you to all the angels that contributed to the project. Thank you to all the students that came to these classes sharing their energy and trusting us to be your guides.

I am sending everyone who is having a hard time with all the life changes from the pandemic, those dealing with grief, depression and anxiety healing love and light. I pray that the country as a collective fights our way back to a place of health.

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