Respecting Our Current Limitations (Brahmacharya)

Brahmacharya can be viewed as the practice of moderation or conservation of one's personal energy.

As many of us find ourselves isolated with a new routine or lack of structure, we may be discover that formerly simple tasks are now exhausting. In an effort to perform once easy tasks, we may overexert ourselves to achieve the same result to the point of exhaustion. It may be beneficial to reevaluate if it is necessary to put more energy into performing a particular task or if it is possible to take a break. It may take time before returning to those formerly simple tasks feels as natural as they once did. Patience and moderation go further than expending increasing amounts of energy to achieve the same result. Maybe a particular task was easy, but is now troublesome, which can bruise the ego. Gradually working back toward something that was once once easy, we may find ourselves stronger for the journey we did not need to initially take.


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